We’re transcribing the shit out of the Nadastrom and Renaissance Man interviews as we speak.

They’ll be up on the blog tomorrow.  Or the next day. Definitely by Friday…or next Monday. That’s one calendar week, folks. Pretty thrifty for a bunch of lazy slackers like us.

Back to the muze side of things. Both duo’s are coming to Australia this month – we managed to nab Nadastrom for their Sydney gig on the 19th @ OAF; and Renaissance Man will be @ Civic Underground on the 11th, courtesy of the Generic Collective. There’s a baller write-up of the upcoming Ren Man gig @ Civic over at the Groove City blog, which will bring you up to speed on the Helsinki couplet.

In the meantime, check out two remixes from Nadastrom and Renaissance Man that make us feel extra baller.

Solo – Afreaka (Renaissance Man Remix) by Renaissance Man

Laidback Luke & Diplo – Hey (Nadastrom Hot Latin Dub)

Something marginally interesting we found on CreateDigitalMusic this morning – proves that any track can swing! and sound functional. TBH, i much prefer ‘jigging’ to Daft Punk’s ‘Around The World’, so this suits my horribly entertaining (for everyone else) dance moves.