Parklife, the first festival of the season, did not disappoint. The new location of Centennial Park proved to be lucky for Fuzzy, with the weather turning out bright and sunny opposed to previous years of dismal weather and rain.

Crowds were constantly flowing into the venue from early on in the day, everyone seemed keen to start the party – It was a first time for me to see animal suits making a sometimes cute but prominent appearance at a festival, as many selected this as their choice of dress for the day (would hate to think how hot they would have gotten).

Another shocking and entertaining first for me was the 'Shoe Drinker' – I came across this a few times during the day, the novelty of people drinking from a shoe whilst raised above shoulders. I had never seen such a novelty before. The first time I saw this happen, people were screaming and cheering, surrounding this drinker with a lot of attention. The second time I saw it later in the day, there was a smaller applause… And then, finally towards the end, there was actually pretty much no reaction from the crowd what so ever, just a man left drinking from a gross shoe that he had probably been wearing all day.


Flume – I started my day off here, it was fantastic to see such a huge crowd at an early timeslot and supporting a great new Aussie artist. He definitely did not disappoint, especially judging by the number of girls on people’s shoulders during his entire set! Clearly there was no huge policy against it at this event.

Hermitude – This was my first time seeing the group live. It was easy to see how much talent these guys had, a really gifted group of performers. Again, great to see such a huge number of people during such an early timeslot.

Rizzle Kicks –  WOW! These two were extremely entertaining, energetic and hilarious. Absolutely brilliant performers with a really good band behind them playing some killer music – this had the crowd on their toes the entire time.
I personally thought they may of had the set of the day and I would say Hip Hop is not even one my most favoured genres.

Art Department – I was surprised and extremely happy to see so many people under the tent for a deep house act. They played a solid set, I have seen these guys play a bunch of time in Spain, but this was the first time I had saw them play a festival set. It was really cool to see how they adapted to the change – from a club set to a festival set.

Wiley – Thoroughly entertaining to the crowd, filling us up with that UK grime that you can't get from anyone else .

Jack Beats – Was banger after banger. I really, really like these guys, they always seem to put on a show that makes the crowd go crazy, as far as DJ skills and technicality go, these guys are undoubtably some of the best in the business. However, being an attendee not of their face, it was hard to keep up with them the whole set (maybe just getting old..)

Bondi Hipsters – I nipped over to these guys before Passion Pit. Always a right good laugh, taking the stage with mikes and a DJ, even preforming a song at the end. Very funny men indeed.

Passion Pit – Played the perfect mix between both old and new albums, the crowd was bopping away and singing along happily the whole time. Their set closed to Little Secrets, where shining confetti filled the air, much to everyone’s delight.

Presets – Closed with one of the most solid sets of the day. The homegrown heroes have clearly maintained their huge number of followers, preforming a solidly entertaining set, balancing songs from both Apocolypto with Pacifica. It was brilliant to finish the day with such a strong Aussie act.

Below are a few more shots from the day, But there are many more brilliant and entetaining pics form the day to be seen, keep your eyey peeled on the Dance Club Facebook to see the rest of the collection.