We're stoked to have finally caught up & profiled some Sydney-siders we have been following for quite some time. For September's monthly featured artist, we present to you Softwar. Softwar is duo made up of Myles du Chateau & Jeremy Lloyd who started off with something of an infectious disco sound that has now organically grown closer and closer towards the DEEP side… From their older releases, our personal favourite would have to be "This Time Around," a incredibly catchy vocal (which we just discovered was Myle's girlfriend singing on the track!) This track was also a great bridge between disco meeting & moving towards house.


Their new stuff is also brilliant, a lot more 90s house inspired I would say, moving right into deep house, suited for the AM of the club. Also rather refreshing to see I think, as there doesn't seem to be as many Aussies pushing this sound. There is clearly a popular sound in Australia at the moment that so many are jumping on, but it's great to see others like Motez, Lancelot & Softwar pushing this sound and being able to succeed at it.Sofwar have released through some very reputable labels like Future Classics and Jolly Jams. Just of late, they have joined force with Club Mod to put out a full forced Club EP, 'Believe/One Day.'

They have also remixed acts including the likes of Azari & lll, Two Door Cinema Club & (something new to us) -Groove Amarda! This is something the guys mentioned to us in the Q&A you can read below, but this was apparently also their first remix! Wow!

Alongside releasing some killer tracks, the boys have also been able to land themselves some pretty impressive shows/sets. Last year we saw them join the Parklife tour around Australia & join James Murphy's DFA event at the Metro after Future. The lads just recently got back from playing shows across Singapore and China & you will regularly see them doing stuff with SPICE & SLOWBLOW, who are arguably running some of the best underground events in Syndey.

For the 30 min mix, the boys have went Vinyl on our asses (nothing wrong with that) – apologies to the guys for tying them down to only a halfa, as we know they like to usually go much loooonger. Underneath the mix you can check out a little Q & A with they boys & get to know them a little better.
Starting at the beginning & with the most generic  – please introduce yourselves, let us know where you're from & how you guys came to be working together. (Give us the story behind Softwar)
Softwar is Myles du Chateau & Jeremy Lloyd from Sydney, Australia. We pretty much met off the back of running a couple of parties..after a while we decided to start testing the waters with some remix work and then moved on to producing some material work with labels like Future Classic & Club Mod.
Music wise, I think it would be safe to say you guys have had a little change in direction- well maybe not a change, but definitely a move further into the deep side, if you will.  Was this a conscious decision/direction or something that has just organically happened over time?
It was a fairly natural progression for us – we felt that we wanted to start to maturing our sound and the type of records we were playing. I guess having some deeper, not so obvious stuff was refreshing.
How has the response for your new music been so far, say compared to your older stuff that was coming out on Future Classics?
Well the new stuff is fairly club orientated so a little bit different from our last release with future classic but still some similar vibes. The latest stuff we are working on will be maintaining that club vibe which we are excited about.
How do you feel about the music scene in Australia at current?
We think its great at the moment, people are now really starting to get behind some solid sounding music which we couldn't be happier about.
Can you tell us about your move from releasing with FC over to Club Mod?
We had always had a good relationships with both – Modular approached us to do a a club mod record and we had a plan in mind so we ran with it.. Was more of a timing things than anything.
Tell us about how Softwar were discovered? 
Were you one of these acts that through their music online and were lucky enough to be found and approached, did you guys send music to labels or maybe find a good contact or management to push & support you.
Its very interesting how much young talent can be discovered in so many ways these days, where as in the past, this was probably pretty limited. 
We actually had an old manager Ali Tillet, who ran the Warm Agency out of London who was our first major point of contact in the music world..we started speaking initially over email.. he really supported our early demo tracks and put us in touch with a number of labels – our first remix ever was actually for Groove Armada which was played on BBC radio so things just kind of unfolded from there.. We then did a kitsune release and various remix's and then did our first EP with Jolly Jams and have tried not to stop releasing stuff since then.
A lot of artists have been teaming up on collaborations lately, do you guys have anything you're working on we should keep an eye out for?
No real collaborations at the moment, but would definitely consider doing something..
And in a perfect world who would you love to colab with, dead or alive?
Any of the older producer's like Todd Terry, MK or even someone like Artful Dodger for a full on garage vibe.
Can you quickly tell us about the mix you have prepared for us here – how you have chosen to use your 30mins & what we can expect?
Its a good little snapshot of what we are feeling at the moment musically .. Usually we do longer mixes so hopefully this one tells a story!
What’s coming up with Softwar for the end of this year and into the new?
We are aiming on having a few new releases out first thing next year – Got some good parties coming up as well like Ivy New years, which is a killer line up and the Spice Afloat with Kyle Hall, Lovebirds & Audio Jack..
Thanks for taking the time gents. To finish off, just a few quick fire questions.
Mangoes or Avocados? 
What’s the last track you listened to?
Thompson Twins – Long Hot Summer.
If you guys weren’t doing music, what do you think you would be doing?
Non stop gaming with a passion for love.