For the next addition of 'Top Tunes' we have been lucky enough to chat with world renowned artists Digitalism. These guys made a huge impact on us in our earlier years and are arguably some of the biggest/most reputable electronic artists of Germany, even the world. In our eyes Digitalism have been at the fore front of music through the best years – well our best years.

Digitalism are of course just about to touch down in Australia, as Brown Bear Entertainment secure and bring out yet another huge act for the year! Another big tour coming from BBE that you might already be aware of, the Berlin duo 'Booka Shade' –  In Sydney you will able to catch both huge acts, joining the stage at 'The Garden Party' held at Ivy on the 26th of October. For further tour dates/deets you can find them here

So without further adieu, lets see what the boys from Digitalism had to say about a variety of their favorite tunes.

Starting at the start, can you remember maybe the first great track you heard that pushed you into dance music & led you to be the Producers/Musicians you are today?
Isi: Dj supreme – Tha Wildstyle. This song was the pusher for me even more, but I would say there were more influences than some producers. When you are young, you are not looking at what is behind a song, who produced etc, just song fixed and over the years you learn more and more about the music world.Jence: Blas d’Moure – “Lover” on Easy Street. I started listening to house music when I was 11 in 93 or so, and would tape the weekly dance charts onto cassette. This one, together with Joe T Vanelli, The Uncanny Alliance, Tension and Gayland made up this huge epiphany I had – suddenly I understood 10-minute-club tracks and their beauty, and I wanted to be part of this thing as soon as I could… which was six years later when I could sneak into clubs and finally start DJing.Your prediction of a great track that is on the fast train to fame? (Next break through track)
Isi: Hot Natured – Isis / Jlc Remix is one that's really on its way.Jence: Really don’t know – times are so fast now, and the rules have changed completely. You might have a track out for a year already like Baaur and suddenly someone ignites something that catapults you even into the TV news.
When doing Dj sets, what song have you found to be a never fail on the dance floor – which one destroys the dance floor every time?
Isi: We call this a secret weapon, but what is really interesting is that sometimes your secret weapons doesn't work – it can be to always stay different than what everyone else is playing, like new demos and see how people dance to it, that's the best secret weapons ever.
Jence: I just love Vitalic’s ‘Pony EP’ so much.
What’s one new track you have found that we can be expecting to hear in your sets on this Aussie tour? (A new track that you cant wait to drop)
Both: We played this intro track at the Boiler Room and really, we can’t wait until its out, so keep it a ear on it.
One “Top Tune’ that you love & is totally outside of the dance music realm.
Isi: Motorama – White Light – Motorama is a band from Russia, this track is from their new album – keep a eye on it.Jence: Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees, epic.If you guys made an appearance in a blockbuster movie, what song would you want to be aiding your Montage – what would the track be in background when your characters have their first slow motion entrance montage? 
Isi: I think I am starting with Jupiter room intro and move over to Miami showdown.Jence: Club 69 – Let Me Be Your Underwear. Nice n slow.What was your favorite teenage anthem?
Isi: There is to much to choose, I know its boring but believe me the 90 `s was full of really crazy shizzle.
Jence: Wu Tang Clan – Proteckt Ya Neck
& lastly your favorite tuuuuune from an Australian Artist ?
isi: Cut Copy – Saturdays still reminds me of the first time in down under.
Jence: Still The Presets – Down Down Down