We’re stoked to of grabbed this next artist while he seems to be on the cusp of becoming a everyday name on the Australian music scene – Lets give him a healthy round of applause, as we welcome to the plate our next featured artist JORDAN BURNS.

And yes, that name does probably sound particularly familiar at the moment, chances are you just saw his name splashed around everywhere on the Listen Out line up, or even caught his set, as he was up there with the big boi’s at this years festival. Oh, he was along for the whole ride too, as he was one of the few Australian artists that were asked to join the tour nation wide! Or you might of even recently heard his latest remix of Peking Duk’s latest hit ‘Say My Name

The Brisbanian Producer at only the age on 21 received some very exciting news on his recent birthday – this was the news that he had just landed an EP deal with one of the Majors, Sony Music. He’ll now be joining other Aussie acts like Rüfüs, Carmada, and Peking Duk. Wow! what could be a better birthday gift.

What’s coming up for Jordan next? “Look out for a single around December, and a 2nd ep early next year” And of course we asked how he has chosen to use his 30mins, for this addition of Monthly Mix. "Bit of a different mix. Went for a few tracks I've really been vibing on lately, and a few classics. Plus a couple of my own."