In now a almost tradition, we reach out to the Etcetc. label to grab our last featured artist of the year. Following etcetc poster child Kilter and Sydney house duo Set Mo, we now present to you Etcetc’s newest signing to the family ‘KLUE’. We had such a great response when finishing the last two years with theese acts and both Kilter and Set Mo went on to absolutely smash it in that new year, really rissing fast into the centre spotlight not long after these features. With Klue we're hoping and confident this is another Aussie act that will follow in the same path and have a big year in 2016.

This is definitely one act who’s serving up some new flavours for the table we call the 'Australian music scene' and we're all for it, we're eating it up and asking for seconds. Expect a unique blend of garage, seasoned with some Afro-beats, packaged and finshed off with a almost familiar house delivery. Klue is also much more then just a bedroom producer on his laptop, recording and adding so many live elemetnts to his recipe – He’s not only a producer, but a songwriter, a singer and a multi-instrumentalist.

We’re not the only ones that have taken a shine to this on the rise artist, his debut ‘Way I’m Lovin You’ found its self getting some love on Triple J earlier in the year – kicking him off with some strong online support and building his new alias some fast presence. FasterLouder deemed the track to be one of ‘8 Aussie Songs You Need To Hear’, while Hermitude and Double J’s Lance Ferguson named Klue in ‘Top Australian Artists To Watch’. Furthermore, Sydney’s FBi Radio had Klue as ‘Independent Artist of the Week’ joining the likes of WAAX, Vallis Alps, Moonase Commander in 2015.

His latest track 'Hiding' has been getting some really nice rotation and attention, if you take a listen I’m sure you can see why, a very uplifting and infectious track indeed. ‘Hiding’ hit #9 on Triple J’s Unearthed chart and has already accrued close to 100,000 spins on Spotify. After playing One Day Festival and Subsonic Festival, Klue is taking off in support of the new track, touring the east coast of Australia. For all his plans and touring dates, I’ll let him tell you about it below, along side some other answers to some generic, yet essential questions we threw at him earlier in the week.

HOW DID YOU CHOOSE TO USE YOUR 30 MINS FOR THIS MONTHS MIX? I've picked some of my favourite tunes to play in my dj sets and radio shows this year.  Being December, it's a bit of  wrap up of the year.  There's some newer stuff from a some dope Australian producers, some tunes from Soulection and Soundway (a couple of my favourite labels), some South African House (which is something I've been getting into lately, worth checking out!), and a couple of my tunes (including an unreleased one).

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WHAT YOU DO? My mum made me learn saxophone when I was 8 but I never really did my practice or had any idea what I was doing, but I picked that up again later when I got into Hip Hop and realised all my favourite beats had big horn sections in them.  I've been Djing about 10 years and producing almost as long.  As for the vocal thing, I've kinda always sung anytime I have to walk somewhere just cause it makes the walk more enjoyable, it's only really this year I've been using it as a feature in my music and the reception has been incredible, so I'm def gonna keep doing that!

DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT SWUNG YOU INTO ELECTRONIC MUSIC? I think my first introduction to electronic music was probably through video game soundtracks as a kid, and I don't doubt that's had a influence!  As for the 'Dance' side of it, Film soundtracks were the first point of contact for me.  I remember being really excited by the theme from Mortal Kombat for some reason, I think the whole energy of it really got me.  Listening back to it now (which I wouldn't recommend) I can thankfully say my tastes have matured – it's a particularly terrible trance track.  I also remember hearing CJ Bolland's 'Ain't Gonna Be Me' in the sound track to Human Traffic and having a similar response, but that track is actually dope still!

YOU’VE BEEN PLAYING/TOURING IN A BAND THIS YEAR? ASWELL AS LAUNCHING THIS NEWER SOLO PROJECT? Yes, this year has been pretty amazing.  I went on my first international tour with True Vibenation doing the festival circuit in Africa!  It was insane, just surreal. Was also year i put out my first ever solo single (finally) and things have just been getting progressively busier (and the sleep debt getting larger) ever since.  It led to a record deal with etcetc and signing with Nuffsaid for touring, which I'm stoked about.  It's looking like next year is going to be busy times, there's already a few things coming together that I'm really excited about.

HOW DO YOU BEST DESCRIBE YOUR SOUND? It's kind of a mash of a bunch of things I love listening to.  There's definitely a UK Garage / 2-step influence particularly in the way I program my drums, listening to a lot of Soul music growing up (thanks mum, again!) has probably lead to my vocals sounding the way they do, and the horn sections and percussion are a nod to the Afrobeat greats, particularly Fela Kuti and Tony Allen.  And there's also more modern influence taken from dudes like SBTRKT, Bonobo, Hermitude and Jamie XX in there too.  So it's a whole lot of things rolled together into something that essentially electronic, I guess it's kinda dance focused, but I'd be super grateful if someone else could come up with a way of describing it in 5 words or less, as I clearly haven't succeded in that!!

& THE GAME PLAN FOR 2016 BROTHER? I've got a national tour coming up in January and also doing some shows with Kilter.  My first EP will be out on etcetc soon after, then I guess it's touring time again!  Then off to Europe to tour alongside Moody and Vuli as True Vibenation. Something tells me I'm not gonna sleep much in 2016!  I'm also really looking forward to getting back in the studio and writing another record?

& WHERE/WHEN CAN PPL SEE YOU? Well the tour for my current single 'Hiding' kicks at the beginning of Jan, starting with Southbound festival in WA, which I'm psyched for! Dates as followed

8 January – CATS @ Rocketbar w/ Kilter – Adelaide
9 January – SOUTHBOUND Festival – Busselton WA
15 January – Platform One w/ Kilter – Melbourne
16 January – DanceETC w/ Touch Sensitive – Sydney
23 January – RAINBOW SERPENT Festival – Victoria
5 February – Blend @ Craft w/ Kilter – Central Coast
20 February – Oh Hello – Brisbane
23 February – Transit Bar w/ Kilter – Canberra

Check soundcloud for TRACKLISTING