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We're back again for a new year of Monthly Mixes, coming in from all over Australia, from the best emerging artists this county has to offer. To kick us off in this new year we're thrilled to present to you a brilliant young act by the name of RUNNING TOUCH. He hails from Melbourne, is at a ridiculous age of around 21 or something and has had a pretty impressive last year, BUT…   we really think things are only starting to warm up for this Aussie talent. 
You may of already caught wind of him, as he has had some honorable mentions from some very reputable outlets – In The Mix recently listing him #7 in ITMs '27 Artists to rule 2016, 'The Best Kept Secret In Australian Music' from Buzzfeed and he was ranked as one of the '50 most played acts' on Triple J radio
. Furthermore, RT has already made it onto the festival circuit, landing some big events like Beyond The Valley and Listen Out. Check out his full interview below, where we go over everything that's been happening with him over this last year – from his humble beginnings to where he's at now.

INTERVIEW: So to kick us off , we want to go back to the start. It seems things have been moving really fast for you over the last year ? How long ago was it now that this journey kicked of, when did the ball first really rolling for Running touch ? Just over a year ago. Although the first initial months were a bit scattered, figuring out what the project is exactly. At that time i had a hand full of records that just spanned too many different genres, so we had to sift though and work out a starting point. Hell, at that point.. it wasn't even called Running Touch So would  'Another Reason' be the first track out there under the RT Alias ? Yeah! That was released anyway. I actually had a full EP ready to go that never saw the light of day. Thanks God (It was subpar to be kind) haha its often how it goes and at what point did you decide to upload to JJJ unearthed? and how long until you started to see some movement and love from them. It was just something you do as an unsigned artist in Australia i guess. The saturation your faced with means you just exploit as many forms of social media as you can. It actually took a while though, they emailed me long after i made it saying they don't know how they missed my uploads (they listen to everyones!) hah that's amazing, glad i asked. seem's you just slipped through the cracks. So, now after the email and you were on their radar, did things start to to rapidly move? Or was is still a gradual progression. Yeah, so quickly. They were super supportive and always in contact after that. And then just two or so weeks later i got the call for Listen Out Whaaaaa! I was going to ask about that next , What were you doing when you heard the news you were gonna be playing Listen Out as Unearthed winner? were you expecting it at all ? The timing was impeccable really. I was working on a track, so you can imagine how high/motivated i was after getting that call. It turned out that it was that track that got a lot of interest from some labels and exciting people at the time. And further is now my first independent single coming out next! So that was a neat little trifecta. I was not expecting that at all. Literally, it had not crossed my mind, but i was obviously ecstatic!!! Wow! happy days. And before my next segway to that next release you mentioned – let me just go back a tiny bit. When you did start getting movement and traction with JJJ, did you find that it reflected to your Soundcloud account too ? or would you say they're almost two separate streams/avenues (interesting question right ) Haha very nice!! Haven't heard that one. Not so much – Especially in this vein of music, it's on the other side of the venn diagram. You have to have a really tight hold on your audience to really make them interact with several or all of your social fields. It was a great measure though. It basically means the music has to be at a level where people hear it on the radio and make the effort to go on Soundcloud. I find that artists – emerging and established – have the ability to over-saturate an audience… and do. So bouncing back to this track you were working on when you got the listen out call, this is your next release ? It's an independent release. After going through a full circle of going with different people it felt right to do this first. When can we expect to get this next track into our ears ? look out for it February 1st! Brrrap! not long. What festivals have you now done after Listen Out ? Not so long after that, i was lucky enough to play Beyond the Valley so far. St.kilda beach fest oh yeah! I heard your equipment was melting or something at this Beach Fest event?? Yeah i think the whole festival heard that haha. A very unfortunate but necessary lesson. Basically it was 40 degrees and clear skies. My gear got absolutely fried and i ended up have to abandon my live setup and retreat to the decks (preparing a DJ set in about 5-10 minutes) I was pretty under the weather that day too, so i ended up passing out in my car not long after. What a day right? Geeeez, tough times at the Running Touch Camp. And what about Beyond The Valley, the footage looks great, seems you had a great turn out. How did this show come to be ?More than anything with that festival. I love the fact that i started around the time they incepted the whole thing. So i played the local stage first year and then the Pavilion after that. So i feel like I'm growing with them – Those guys have known about the project from the get go and have been a major key in my development. Good to see! & yeah It was an unbelievable experience What set time did you take out ?I played at 8:05 i think. After Feki. He was sensational Speaking of equipment, when you first started to do live shows, how did you go about putting together your live show ? I mean, how does one even know how to get all this stuff together? Coming from a band i already had a few bits of equipment. But i didn't really know. It goes hand in hand with your music. The more music and product i had the more i had an idea of what things i needed to use to exhibit those songs. It's taken up until now to even realise I'm only just starting to scrape the surface of what i want to achieve live wise Wow! did you go straight to some form of live set though ? Yeah i did! I got thrown in a bit. I had a few weeks to put something together, and that's what started the whole process of studying an testing You avoided DJ sets? (unless your live equipment melted ) I really wanted to talk through music in any and every way, and you simply can't do that through two CDJ's Shweet, and for our tech head readers can you briefly walk us through you on stage set up Sure. I run everything through a motu 828mk3 interface (my instruments and vocals). From there, i have two stations. My keys and my controls. One houses a Nord 4d and on the other side i have my apc40, mac and interface. Outside of those i use a Roland spd-sx drum pad for percussion, a vintage Gibson Bigsby (guitar) and obviously a few mics here and there That's awesome! i don't follow every single bit of it, but i know some readers will really dig hearing some insight into that live element . And you're in a band yeah ? Ocean GroveThat's the one What's happening with them now? With you having new success with the RT project? They just played Unify festival with Parkway on the weekend actually! They are doing great. So proud of those boys and love every second of being part of that group It's a really interesting setup we've got going on. One that's only possible through the strong friendships I've had with them. In short, i write the music and play when they roll through our hometown oh ! so you’re still flying the flag with them, haven’t parted ways 100 %, Getting close to finishing our first full length actually that's great and how long were you guys going before RT was born ? Since 2009 man you must of been prepubescent at that time! I certainly was. With the metalcore fringe to match haha yesss! Maybe you should bring it back ? For other people's sake, no chance Lastly, how did you choose to use you 30mins for this featured mix ? It's literally what my playlist does currently look like. It's mellow, i tired to keep it feel good. But i have a soft spot for trance, so that trickles through Great! Thanks heaps for your time mate, Sorry to hold you up so late and we’re looking forward to watching you’re progress over this new year of 16, we know its gonna be a big one for you. come this time next year you might be too big to speak with us! haha

Running Touch – This Is Just To Say Shakka – When Will I See You Again (Amtrac Remix) Caribou – Sun (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D remix) Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure Oxia – Domino Adam Beyer – Time Flies (Tiger Stripes remix) Super Flu – Fibi Maybe Donatello – Takeover Kastis Torrau & Donatello – Rise ID – There Are No Strangers