We've actually been chasing this next featured artist for a while now, but the stars have aligned for June and we have now received a solid mix from this young talent – So, let us present to you, Golden Vessel

Max (aka GV) hails from Brisbane, we actually didn't realise how young he was until speaking with him over the week. At the age of 19, he's still  basically a kid! (or maybe we're just getting old) You'd never notice this listening to his material though, as he's been serving up a seriously polished product for some time now.

After 3 successful singles, Max is following them up with a debut six-track EP 'Before Sleep ' which has only just dropped – this bad boi, is piping hot, fresh out tha oven. The EP featuring a strong cast of guest vocalists including Woodes, Okbadlands, MTNS, Lastlings and Abraham Tilbury.

"I made sure that every collaboration was done in person. I feel it really paints a picture of my limited time with the different people I worked with, how we interacted with each other, and how pushed each other to create such great songs. Golden Vessel was always intended to be a collaborative project and I'm super proud of both what I have created, as well as the incredibly talented people around me"

Max was kind enough to drop a few of the new tracks in the mix for us, but head to his bandcamp if you wanna get the whole bag of tricks! "For this mix, I went for some good stuff made by friends, plus a few sneaky tracks off my EP and a few other tracks I always come back to"

The Ep will also be accompanied by an Australian east-coast tour this June/July, taking the Before Sleep EP to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. So if you're digging the Ep, Get along, show your support and check him out in the flesh – I mean at the very least you'll probably then get the chance to say down the track "yeah, well I saw him when he first started touring, before he was massive"

Mix at the top, Track-listing below
Enjoy !

1. Allthingslost – Cold 2. Golden Vessel – schoolbag 3. Lonelyspeck x Joy & Sparkes – You were not enough 4. Golden Vessel – Vines (feat. Woodes) 5. Anatole – Ferox 6. Insightful – Stepping over Hearts 7. Gold Panda – Time Eater 8. Maribou State – Larks Rise 9. Fortunes – Bomber 10. Persian Empire – Tilt