For July our featured artist comes from Sydney, a young female artist going the name of Zuri Akoko. A somewhat new face to the Australian music scene, but she is moving up through the ranks fast. A vocalist/producer putting out a bunch of unique originals, remixing the likes of Polographia, Oscar Key Sung & JOY, as well as collaborating with a bunch of local legends like Nicole Millar, Hatch & Hydraulix.

So yep, she's been a busy girl indeed! One of our favorite pieces was a rework she had done of Party Next Door, maybe a year ago and also her collaboration project with Nicole! A three track series where they covered Shlohmo, 50cent and Mya. Definitely worth checking out, if you haven't yet seen it yourself. SC LINK

INTERVIEW We, of course, wanted to ask how Zuri how she had used her 30mins for this month's mix, alongside a few other questions when we threw at her earlier in the week:
So, this mix is a compilation of some of my influences, favorite songs and new unreleased tracks of my own! Do you remember what swung you into electronic music? The first time I heard real electronic music was when I was 14 when my sister's friend gave me the Infected Mushroom Album, that really set off my fascination with electronic music especially the more left-field sounds. And then at what age did you decide to try and get involved with the process? Well, I've been Djing on and off since I was about 16 and producing for about 4 years now. And did singing come before or after? I was a vocalist before I got into producing. I've always looked for a concrete form of expression and I wasn't finding the satisfaction I was looking for through singing/vocalist work so I guess you could say getting into producing sort of formed out of a frustration. You reckon you might say you sit more comfortably with production now ? Hands down. I'm glad I took the plunge into producing because it feels right, it feels like where I'm supposed to be amongst the music world. Oh cool! That's awesome to hear. I was going ask why we don't see more of your own vocals on your own work, but that must have something to do with it? I've heard a lot of your vocals on other people's production, but not as much on your own. To be honest I don't really know haha when I'm producing I get so wrapped up in the elements of it. Especially lately. I love hearing and making sounds I've never heard before, to me that feels like my eternal goal – that is what excites and moves me. Yep and ya gotta do what excites you. So, Singer, Producer, but dancer maybe too? because I know I saw you pulling shapes in that clip for Nicole. That's right! I trained in contemporary dance and ballet for about 12 years until I had a back injury. And I think contemporary especially really set the foundations for me in what I enjoyed musically down the track. I didn't really notice the impact it had on what I enjoyed until I started producing. And how much longer after being out of dance was it that you turner to the dark side, if you will. Hahaha it was a while and I was seriously gutted when I was injured and it was all over… Dj'ing became my next interest. I got the cheapest decks i could afford – Stanton cdjs which wad a seriously average piece of equipment hahaha. I really wanted to learn to produce then but I didn't even know how to go about it or how it was done. I don't even think I owned a laptop so it was kind of a far fetched dream at that age. I met some producers and more musicians when I was like 18..i wrote a lot of poetry and it wasn't until my friends found out about it that they encouraged me to do vocals for their own tracks. And the rest is history. Lasty we have read about a Sourround sound project you're.. Yep! Im in the process of putting together surround sound 5.1 versions of my music which i plan on converting into live installation settings which i am really excited about. So, you're thinking like venue, or ourdoor setting, where people can actually come and experience, Definitely in a venue, for people to come and experience it. Ideally I would like to take the installations around to different indoor settings and venues (community halls, art galleries etc)  I'm working with Jack Prest (Future Love Hangover) he is also one of the engineers at 301. Which I am sooooo excited about. He is a massive legend, It's an amazing feeling to work on a project with like minded people that want to develop the vision. It's pretty major and involves a lot of planning, and at this point it's only at the planning stage. Im setting myself up with a surround sound system in my studio so that is really that start of it, converting the tracks I have to a 5.1 system. Sounds amazing, but also sounds like a lot of work. Im Sure it will all be worth it though! Absolutely, i can't wait. it feels like where I need to take my music and I've always enjoyed the journey of doing something new and challenging. so you will be hearing a lot more about it as it develops! 

Dense & Pika – Colt
Stimming – Tanz für Drei
Seekae – Test & Recognise
Jafu – Scrapbook
Stimming – Symphorine
Koan Sound x Culprate x Asa x Sorrow – Mosaic
Zuri Akoko – Spirit Calls
Zuri Akoko – Kisseema
Hatch x Zuri Akoko – Back of My Mind
Biome – No Soul