Alright, for August a duo from Melbourne step up to the Monthly Mix plate – let us introduce to you James & Paddy, or maybe better known as DIVIDEM.

The duo are much more than just a pair of bedroom producers putting out house bangers, the boys have also managed to construct a live show and play as a band( In a live sense, think of a modern version of The Presets), doing multiple events and even festivals like Beyond The Valley. Earlier in the week they mentioned to us, they've been playing together since they were around 17 (now 26) but believe it or not their journey actually started off as a punk rock outfit.

Of course, we had to ask, what they were going for and how they used their 30 mins for things months featured mix?

"Well, when we aren't playing music or producing we get together and have our own bedroom boiler-sessions (BBS).

Two weeks ago we were in Jame's bedroom having another classic BBS when things got interesting… It was about 10:30pm when the the police arrived (the room was just getting to that perfect perspiration level).

They came to the front door (knocked twice) to shut down the party… We had to explain to them it was just the two of us dropping these midnight bombs…
Now the local police think we have no friends. So, to recreate that once lost vibe, these are some of the tunes we were playing at the time of the music embargo…

In this mix you will hear tracks from André Hommen, Zonderling, Metacentric (Brazilian beast), Adriatique and some other really cool people!"

look out for a bunch of new Dividem music coming out towards the end of the year and a headline show to be announced soon for October.