For October welcome to the plate, Hypersleep. Hailing from Melbourne or better described by Todd as (Aka Hypersleep) “A very sleepy dairy town an hour east of Melbourne called Warragul ” this up and comer was cool enough to throw down a live 30min mix for this addition.

We, of course, had to ask what he had prepared for us alongside some other generic, yet essential questions: WHAT HAVE YOU WENT FOR & HOW HAVE YOU CHOSEN TO USE YOUR 30 MINS IN THIS MIX? As is so often the case, I switched on the decks with a hankering for some really lush, emotional and organic house music. The mix features a few tried and tested classics, as I wanted it to be a bit of a primer on my influences and where my head is at when I’m writing as well.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WHAT YOU DO ? When I was in highschool, a friend convinced me I should learn bass guitar and form a thrash metal band with him. I’m not exactly sure, but at some point that mutated into making weirdo house music on my laptop.

CAN YOU REMEMBER WHAT KINDA SWUNG YOU TOWARDS ELECTRONIC MUSIC? Going back a long way – slightly before the advent of Napster, a friend in the UK emailed me a rip of Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker”, and this little country boys mind was blown wide open. It wasn’t until much later that I convinced myself that I should have a crack at writing electronic music myself – the first Hypersleep tracks emerged in 2013. My creative process is pretty introverted, which suits the laptop as a creative tool. I can really use it to get inside my own head and get a bit strange and have those ideas faithfully converted to audio.

HOWS THE WHOLE PROCESS BEEN FOR YOU, FROM KICKING THINGS OFF, TO NOW? Well, 2015 was an eye opener for me for sure. Up until that point I was really only aspiring to write songs for the ears of a few mates who dug what I was doing, with the occasional low key club gig or house party here and there. Then in a very short timespan I was getting write ups in the like of Nest HQ, Airplay on Triple J, having my track Emigré synced for a Rip Curl campaign, and playing Strawberry Fields. It was a series of really lovely surprises. This year I’ve had my head down working on an EP, driving myself slightly mad in the process.

HOW DO YOU BEST DESCRIBE YOUR SOUND? The picture I always have in my head is some super futuristic house tune executed with the shambling, chaotic and constantly shifting vibe of a 1970’s electric period Miles Davis backing band milking a 4 bar vamp for all it’s worth. I’m getting closer to this sound with every new track I write, and if my music can one day embody that ideal, then I can pack it all up and go home a happy man.

WHATS THE GAME PLAN FOR THE LAST BIT OF 2016? My new EP is nearly finished, with the lead track due out before Christmas. I’m working with a few friends on some vocals and a film clip for another track, and that’s shaping up to be very special. Keep an eye on my Soundcloud!

Leon Vynehall – Saxony
Dave DK – Whitehall feat. Piper Davis
Hypersleep – Boy Song
Round – Glass
Roman Flügel – Song With Blue
Stimming – Prepare
Bicep – Celeste
Four Tet – Plastic People
Cos-Ber-Zam – Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)